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We make it easy for your office to enjoy healthy, local meals.

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Welcome to Healthier Meetings.

Why order another crash-inducing sandwich platter?

Our Functional Nutrition approach to catering offers a competitive advantage for your team. 9 Miles East Farm meals are nutritional powerhouses: delicious, satisfying and sure to please even the pickiest of your team members.

Let us make your next office event special. 

The 9 Miles East Approach to Nutrition

Our GO Box meal format is inspired by the world's great cuisines, and consists of organic baby greens, whole grains, fresh vegetables, and farm-made dressing. 

It’s a convenient, fresh and functional approach to eating, and a great fit for anyone who wants to feel and perform at his or her best.

Meals vary with the seasons and prioritize antioxidants, plant-based proteins, good fats, powerful leafy greens, and healthy fiber.

Ingredients are sourced from our 29-acre farm whenever possible, and we always have vegetarian and gluten-free options available. GO Boxes make it easy to eat the way you know you’re supposed to.

Farm Inspired Meals

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